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Watch These Absolute Lads Play Football On Motorcycles

To be entirely honest with you, I would not ever look at a motorcycle and think, “I bet I could ride this and also kick a ball into a net while surrounded by other dudes on motorcycles trying to kick that ball away from me”. But I am not a badass. Read More >>

Bravest Warriors is Coming Back to Help With Your Adventure Time Withdrawal

Like all good things, Adventure Time has come to an end. As sad as that may be, there’s another story from series creator Pendleton Ward’s imagination worth your attention, and it’s about to make its triumphant return. Read More >>

YouTube Kids Is Getting Some Totally Sensible Parental Controls

The YouTube Kids app never really seemed to live up to its kid-friendly potential. Since it came out in 2015 to make browsing online videos “safer and simpler for kids,” the service has gotten a good bit of shit for both its ads and all the weird stuff its algorithms let through — like this video of a cartoon pig drinking bleach. Read More >>

Google Complies With Russian Order to Take Down Opposition Leader’s YouTube Ad

Google took down a YouTube ad for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny before a vote for regional governors on Sunday and amid protests over President Vladimir Putin’s plans to raise the retirement age for state pensions, the Guardian reported. Read More >>

Google Finally Added a Dark Mode to YouTube on Android 

Android 9 Pie has been out for a month, and while the addition of things like digital wellness controls and handy app actions have made Google’s mobile OS friendlier to use, I can’t help but think one of Android 9's most glaring omissions is the lack of an OS-wide dark mode. Read More >>

Exclusive: YouTube Daredevil Ally Law’s M48 Severn Bridge Stunt Cost The Taxpayer £44,000 In Security Upgrades

You might never have heard of him, but for 1.7m YouTube subscribers, 21 year old Ally Law is a big deal. He isn’t a gamer, nor is he offering make-up tutorials to the nation’s youth - instead, he’s part of a small cadre of YouTubers who devote their channels to pulling off some utterly nerve-wracking stunts. Read More >>

Find Out How Much Time You’ve Wasted Watching YouTube Videos

It's late at night, and there's nothing good on TV. We've all been there: we could just go to bed, but instead we head to YouTube and go down a rabbithole of videos. It might be FailArmy, it might be something about aliens, or if you're like me, you'll probably spend hours watching videos called something like "OMG ACTUAL GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA" in the hopes that one of them, just one, might not be a complete and obvious fake. Read More >>

Here’s How Tommy Robinson Ended Up Ringside At The KSI Vs Logan Paul YouTube Boxing Match

Last Saturday was one of the biggest nights ever for YouTube. Half a million people paid £7.50 each to tune in live and watch two of YouTube's biggest names - KSI and Logan Paul - try to beat the shit out of each other in the boxing ring. Because that's what the kidz like watching now, apparently. Read More >>

YouTube Will Now Tell You How Much Time You’ve Spent on YouTube

Even though the digital wellbeing features in Android 9 Pie are still in beta (and only currently available on Pixel phones), today, Google is expanding its online health and wellness endeavours to YouTube, ostensibly to help you prevent yourself from watching too many bad videos. Read More >>

Famous Fatberg Decomposes Live on YouTube

The celebrity fatberg that was pulled out piece by piece from a London sewer is building upon its status as a work of art by expanding into the video streaming world, with fatberg enthusiasts now able to watch the lump of festering lard fester, live, on YouTube. Read More >>

YouTube Pulls Jump Scare Ads for The Nun After Revolted Users Revolt

Advertising for The Nun, an upcoming horror film centred around the inexplicable suicide of a nun in 1950s Romania, is predictably terrorising. But a YouTube ad for the film has seemingly crossed the line, driving a flood of users to complain about it online and, ultimately, get it removed from the platform. Read More >>

Twitter Admits Alex Jones Broke Its Rules, Still Standing by Their Man for Some Dumb Reason

Twitter, one of the few tech platforms that has refused to ban conspiracy shitposter and Infowars grifter kingpin Alex Jones, admitted on Friday that he had a history of posts that were in clear violation of the site’s terms of service but still won’t terminate his accounts, CNN reported. Read More >>

YouTube Bans InfoWars Following Removals From Apple, Facebook, and Spotify

It’s been a rough few days for Alex Jones and InfoWars. Hot on the heels of bans from Apple and Facebook, the conspiracy theory media empire has been banned on YouTube. It’s not yet clear if the video platform’s ban is permanent, but it appears that all InfoWars videos have been deleted. Read More >>

7 Problems with YouTube Music that Need Fixing Fast

It might come as no surprise to you that Google has launched something that isn’t really finished: YouTube Music is available now in the UK and several other countries, but it barely qualifies as a music streaming service today. After using the platform for several days, here are the biggest problems we want fixing. Read More >>