Parents And Bronies Rejoice: My Little Pony Is Coming To YouView Catch-Up

Friendship Is Magic, and so is catch-up TV. Sony announced this morning that their UK kids' channels KIX, POP and Tiny Pop are coming together in a new Sony Kids player on YouView, allowing viewers to watch 7 days' worth of programmes on catch-up. Read More >>

Here’s the Full List of Sony’s 2015 TVs Getting YouView Before Bonfire Night

As of 4 November, you’ll be able to catch up on your favourite BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Player and Demand 5 shows through YouView on your new Sony Bravia telly. The service will go live at 8am via an automatic update, so you'll inevitably end up torturing yourself with excitement through the day, only to return and find out you haven't actually got automatic updates enabled Read More >>

Plusnet’s YouView TV Service “Launching Soon”

Add Plusnet to the list of ISPs that will also be trying to fulfil all your TV needs as well, with a rep for the company saying that its YouView-based service is on the way soon -- and you can register for it now if you'd like. Read More >>

Sony Tellies Exclusively Bag YouView’s Seven Day Catch-Up

Buying one of Sony's new-for-2015 Bravia TVs this year? With the exception of a couple of teeny-tiny entry level models, your buck will also buy you built-in YouView, putting one of the best EPGs directly in your TV and leaving space on your television stand for important things. Read More >>

BT YouView Boxes are Getting Netflix

Between the BT TV pay-per-view offerings, Now TV integration and YouView's own catch-up packages, BT YouView boxes are pretty well served when it comes to web-based programming. The future looks brighter still for owners of BT YouView boxes -- they're finally getting Netflix streaming, too. Read More >>

YouView Makes its iPlayer App Vastly More Attractive

Free-to-air telly box YouView has launched an all-new iPlayer app today, letting users shuffle through the BBC's output via a cleaner layout, browse categories and pull off all the Red Button magic tricks. Users of the Humax and BT YouView boxes should see it appear from today, although the dread term "phased roll out" applies, so patience may be required. [YouView] Read More >>

EE TV is a Set Top Box to Rival YouView

It's already the UK's biggest mobile operator, and now EE has its sights set on your living room too. The network is preparing to launch its own Freeview set top box to rival BT and TalkTalk's YouView. Read More >>

High Court Ruling May Cost YouView its Name

YouView just got a licking by the High Court, where its name has been found to infringe on the "Your View" trademark held by Total Ltd. Total will now be seeking an injunction against YouView which could potentially prevent the catch-up TV set-top box brand from using the name altogether. Read More >>

Freeview Announces YouView-Rivalling Catch-Up Service

Digital UK, the company responsible for Freeview, is looking to boost Freeview's fortunes by investing in a branded, integrated connected TV platform which would bring catch-up content to Freeview for the first time. Part of a £100 million deal backed by the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva, Freeview Connect won't be tied to a broadband provider and could be built into TVs as well as set-top boxes. Read More >>

Extra Box Deal Offers YouView in Your Bedroom

Loving your YouView box so much that you wish you could have one in the spare room? For a £99 one-off payment and £5 a month thereafter, BT TV's new "Extra Box" deal will give you another YouView+ box for bedroom viewing. Read More >>

YouView Safe for a Further Five Years as BBC Pledges Continued Support

YouView's good to go for another five years after retaining the support and investment of all its major backers. Read More >>

BBC Trust Stresses Over YouView Subscriptions and Sky Channel Listing Fees

The BBC's core concept of providing free-to-air TV is being eroded by platforms like YouView, with the BBC Trust concerned that commercial companies are using the BBC's content as a way of convincing viewers to take out subscriptions. Read More >>

TalkTalk’s TV Service is a Pretty Sweet Upgrade From Freeview

Ever since the digital switchover, Freeview TV has ruled the kingdom, which is great if you love ITV4, Dave and the shopping channels. However, those of us who don't want to cough up for premium services like Sky have been left out in the cold. But for those of us without oodles of cash, there are other options, and TalkTalk's TV is one of them. Read More >>

Lord Sugar YouView
Lord Sugar Out, as YouView No Longer Needs a Sweetener

Apparently Lord Sugar's brief was to get YouView to market and shoehorn it into people's homes through his big, bad personality. Now that job's seemingly done, as Sugar's checking out to "focus my time and attention into my other businesses" like, err, The Apprentice. Time well spent, obviously. Read More >>

BT Vision IPTV trial
BT’s Vision IPTV Trial Gets Anonymously Poked and Prodded — Is This the Future of TV?

BT's currently trialling a complete revamp of its Vision TV service, moulding it into the next evolution of television, IPTV. While the likes of you or I won't get our hands on it for a while, an anonymous tipster was kind enough to clue us in on what it's like. Will IPTV really revolutionise TV in the UK? Read More >>