Motorola Won’t Give Up on Modular Smartphones No Matter How Silly They Are

It feels like the window of opportunity for modular smartphones has come and gone. Google’s Project Ara is dead, and LG gave up almost immediately after the release of the G5. But then, off in its own little corner and now three generations deep, Motorola and the new Moto Z3 Play haven’t given up yet. Read More >>

Sony Experiments With a More “Stock” Approach to Android

Those not overly convinced by Sony's take on Google's Android OS may soon find a more Google-like alternative on its Xperia range, thanks to the phone maker experimenting with a completely different take on the Android 5.1 build for its Xperia Z3 mobile. Read More >>

Sony’s Z4 Flagship Smartphone Will Give You a Serious Case of Déjà Vu

Well, look at this. Sony just revealed a new flagship smartphone. The new Xperia Z4 comes with spec bumps in both the processor and camera department, all wrapped in “haven’t I seen this before?” design. It’s a modest flagship update at best, providing little improvement over last year’s Z3. Read More >>

10 of the Best Protective Cases for the Sony Xperia Z3

Don't you just love that honeymoon period after buying a new phone or device, when it's all shiny and scratch-free? It doesn't have to be a short affair with perfection: the best you can do is buy a case in which to cocoon your phone for the get-go. Read More >>

“Classic” QWERTY BlackBerry Q20 and Z3 Remind Us BB’s Still Going

Despite its many financial struggles, BlackBerry has managed to join in with the fun at Mobile World Congress this week, revealing two now models -- the QWERTY Q20 for old-school fans and the new all-touch Z3 for emerging markets. Read More >>