If the Snyder Cut Does Ever Release, It Might Look Different Than Fans Expect

Okay, yeah, we’re talking about the Snyder Cut. Buckle up, this is going to be a ride. Read More >>

Norse Mythology? Zack Snyder? Anime? Netflix? Sure, Why Not?

Netflix’s apparently insatiable appetite for all things anime continues to grow, as there’s yet another new program on the way. And though Zack Snyder (yes, that Zack Snyder) will create and executive produce the as-yet-unnamed show, it’s a little out of his usual superhero realm. The anime will be “set in the world of Norse mythology,” according to a Netflix press release. Read More >>

When Fandom Is the Problem

“Fandom” – the participatory community that grows out of a piece of media – has come to dominate pop culture. Fandom is not simply being a fan of something. Fandom is performing being a fan by creating transformative works, collecting knowledge, cosplaying, attending conventions, and, ever-increasingly, being vocal online. Some of this has been really great for people seeking communities they can’t find in real life, empowering them to be part of something that means a lot to them. And some of it has empowered only the worst elements of fan culture. Read More >>

No, Zack Snyder Never Seriously Considered Making Batman and Superman Stepbrothers

The Martha thing was bad enough—but, if you believe the internet right now, it could have been a lot worse. Read More >>

Zack Snyder’s Next Movie Will Be an ‘Epic and Crazy’ Zombie Heist for Netflix

What happens when a group of mercenaries attempts to invade a zombie quarantine zone and rob a casino? We don’t know, but Zack Snyder is about to show us. Read More >>

We May Finally Know What Aquaman’s ‘Unite the Seven’ Means

A DCEU mystery that’s been going on for over three years might have finally been solved, thanks to the plot of James Wan’s Aquaman. Read More >>

Batman Will Do Naughty Stuff to Superman in Dawn of Justice, Says Zack Snyder

Who’d win in a fight between Batman and Superman? Superman, obviously. However, as there's a movie in the works, money to be made and legions of geeks to entertain, the whole world's pretending it isn't quite that simple. Director Zack Snyder knows exactly how to play the game, and has delivered a teaser that'll get juices flowing all over the world. Read More >>

Batfleck to be a Drone-Commanding Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman, But How Will He Pee?

First off, lets give Ben Affleck's Batman a break -- the guy's a solid actor. Sure he's made mistakes (we've all had a metaphoric Gigli at some point in our lives, right?), but his take on the Caped Crusader is sounding the most complex and interesting yet. Read More >>