How Much Lubricant Are These Amiibo Using?

Nintendo announced a whole lot of cool news at its streaming-only press conference last night, but one image really seemed to pop. Poor Urbosa, the badass Gerudo warrior whose spirit currently inhabits a twenty-story tall camel (it’s a game thing) has been wrecked. Read More >>

Link Has a Goddamn iPhone

Breath of the Wild, the 19th game in the Zelda franchise, has been universally praised for its massive (and, sorry, breathtaking) open-world environments, and for injecting life back into a 30-year-old franchise. But something else sets the Nintendo Switch’s moonshot launch title apart from previous installations: The Hero of Time has a goddamn iPhone. Read More >>

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review: It’s Time To Pay The Nintendo Switch Tax

“Come on Nintendo, you can do it!” - that’s what we’re all thinking whenever Nintendo comes out with a new console. Because everyone loves Nintendo. Yes, it might be unreliable and frequently disappointing in the decisions it makes - and frankly its just a bit weird and out of step with the rest of the world… but there’s something so damned endearing about the company and its beloved characters. Read More >>

Wait, £60 For a Nintendo Switch Game?

I pre-ordered myself a Nintendo Switch this morning, because, as someone pretty big into gaming, it seemed like something I should do. A while after pre-ordering it, I realised, "actually, I could do with some games to go with this." Read More >>

Legend of Zelda Shield Backpack Must Be How Link Carries All That Gear

It’s always been a bit of a mystery how a child could carry a vast arsenal of medieval weapons, bombs, potions, and instruments in nothing but a tunic. But we might finally have an answer if it turns out Link’s shield was secretly always really a backpack. Read More >>

The Legend of Zelda Is Your “Um, Got a Wii U?” Deal of the Day

Nintendo's Wii U was looking for all the world like being the runt of the console universe, forever alone, weeping into its little touchscreen and wondering what it had ever done to offend anyone. It wasn't Wii U's fault, it was just that it wasn't very fun. Read More >>

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Ipswich Immeasurably Improved by Zelda-Style 16-Bit Map Reworking

This beautiful place is, incredibly, the UK town known as Ipswich. It's been given a thorough reworking by designers working on behalf of local music and arts festival Switch Fringe, who have given it a superbly stylish Zelda spin. Read More >>

Skrillex Quest
Nuke Your Thursday Afternoon With This Great Zelda-Meets-Skrillex Time Waster

It's Thursday. It's drab and grey outside, and that's only if you're lucky enough to not be flooded out. Take the mundane away with this surprisingly good dubstep-meet-Zelda mashup game, Skrillex Quest. Just make sure you plug your headphones in, because this thing is proper loud. Read More >>

Mario and Zelda Hit 3DS Download Shop For an Absolutely Insane £39.99

Nintendo is about to start selling some of its hottest 3DS titles online, with some Triple-A Nintendo games soon available to buy through the company's online eShop. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 6

We're in London for the Olympics, so it's about bloody time someone won something for shooting...and gold will just have to do, I suppose. Speaking of gold, Royal Mail is painting the town -- well, its mail boxes -- gold, in celebration of all these GB medals we've scooped up. Meanwhile, someone tried to win gold with Zelda; the Olympics totally nuked an ebook festival, and the Australians show they really don't like the Naughty North Koreans. Read More >>

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Surprisingly, Dancing to Zelda Music Won’t Win You a Gold Medal

You would have thought that picking an awesome score for your gymnastics routine, like that from Zelda performed by none other than Lindsey Stirling, would instantly win you a gold medal, but sadly not. Read More >>

Easily Add Secret Zelda Dungeons To Every Room In Your House

If you only grew up playing the 3D versions of The Legend of Zelda games—instead of Link's more classic 2D overhead adventures—you probably won't fully appreciate how awesome these secret passageway decals really are. Read More >>

Giant NES Zelda Mural Reminds Us To Never Forget About the Battles of Hyrule

We doubt anyone who grew up with an NES will forget the epic battles they fought in the original The Legend of Zelda game. But their kids probably have no idea what it's like to fight Ganon in just two dimensions. And that's why this reminder is so important. Read More >>

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I Wish This Awesome Zelda Sequel Trailer Was Real

I, like the Canadian animator Joel Furtado, would like to see Nintendo do an HD sequel to The Wind Waker. Sadly it’s never going to happen. But unlike me, Joel has talent, so decided to make his own awesome “The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle” trailer. Read More >>

This Zelda Minecraft Remake Trailer Is an Amazing Nostalgia Trip

Minecraft really is a fantastic thing when dedicated people put their heads together to create amazing worlds to explore. Now you can re-live a portion of your N64-playing childhood with Hyrulecraft – a faithful 1:1 scale world recreation of arguably the best Zelda game ever made, Ocarina of Time. Read More >>