Penguin Shortage Forces UK Zoo to Use Models

The posh new penguin enclosure at Telford Exotic Zoo is now open for business, although due to problems in the international supply chain of penguins, it's currently loaded up with fake model birds only. Read More >>

Scottish Panda in Zookeeper “Near-Miss”

One of the pandas staying in the Edinburgh Zoo bedsit very nearly found itself in a position to have something a bit meatier alongside its traditional diet, as a door-opening mix up led to a member of zoo staff getting caught in the panda's enclosure while the beast was out and about. Read More >>

Zoo Sues Producers For ‘Traumatising’ Raccoon With An ‘Erotic Video’ Shoot

Employees at a petting zoo in Moscow are livid over the treatment it says its raccoon received during a video shoot. The zoo’s representatives claim that Tomas the raccoon was rented to a production company for a commercial shoot that turned out to be an “erotic video” and now Tomas is “traumatised”. Read More >>

North Korea’s Zoo Chimp Smokes a Pack a Day Because Life Is Cruel and People Are Terrible

Nineteen-year-old Azalea, a chimp who’s probably as smart as your kid, has to live in North Korea’s Central Zoo in Pyongyang. But that’s not why she’s smoking a pack a day. It’s because some arsehole trained her to use a lighter, to puff smoke, and then bow and dance for delighted families all day. Read More >>

Printed Lad Bibles FHM and Zoo Axed by Publisher

Bauer Media Group has made the shock announcement that legacy "lad" magazines FHM and Zoo are to cease publication, with the print -- and even corresponding online -- versions of both titles to come to an end this year. Read More >>

London Zoo to be Turned Into Flats

Westminster Council has given London Zoo permission to add some new buildings to its sprawling layout, but these ones won't house animals. They're for humans, presumably quite rich humans, humans who might like to enjoy a luxury safari-style camping experience right next to the lion enclosure. Read More >>

A Redesigned Zoo Where Humans Stay Hidden Could Be Better for Animals

Even the most zoo-friendly amongst us probably harbour mixed feelings about the undeniable psychological and physical toll that captivity takes on animals. The Danish architects at Bjarke Ingels Group think they've designed a better way. A Zootopia, if you will, where humans are usually hidden from animals by grass shelters and mirrored pods. Read More >>

The Weird, Depressing Stage Sets That Zoos Build for Their Animals

If you're like me, you can remember the discrete moment when the zoo stopped being fun and started being sad; when the jungle behind the animals stopped looking like jungle and started looking like concrete masonry painted with clumsy murals of natural scenes. Read More >>

Lads’ Mag Tells Co-Op to Go Shove It Over Censorship and Ban Threats

Lads' mag Nuts will no longer be there to brighten up the shelves of the Co-op for bored male shoppers, after the publisher decided to pull the title off the shelves rather than face any potential ban or order to cover up. Read More >>

Loaded Publisher: Put Crap Food in Modesty Bags to Protect Kids

The publisher of Loaded magazine, one of the lads' mags threatened with the boot by supermarket chain Co-op, has come up with a superb response to the suggestion magazines be censored to protect our children; take it one step further and hide sweets, crisps, cakes and chocolate from them inside blank wrappers as well. Makes sense. Read More >>

Are You Offended By Scantily-Clad Girls on the Covers of Mags?

The Co-operative has caused a right storm over lads' mags, and whether they should be stashed in "modesty" bags like porn magazines. The retailer reckons they're offensive, and wants the girls gone from the front covers, or at least covered up, or it'll stop selling the likes of Loaded, Front, Nuts and Zoo by September 9th. But do they really offend you or cause you embarrassment when picking up your Cross-Stitch Monthly and a pint of milk? Read More >>

Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Was Too Demeaning

Facebook, which recently took down the elbow boobs picture, also took down this picture by men's magazine Zoo. The crass post asks Facebook users if they're a boobs or butt guy, with a "clever" picture. Read More >>

How To Take Extreme Close-Ups of a Gorilla Using Only Your Phone’s Camera

Have you ever taken pictures at the zoo? It's an exercise in futility. Your puny camera strains to see far-away beasts with their backs turned. Lame. But what if you could get them to come right up to you? Read More >>