Pranksters Stream Porn During Zoom Hearing for Alleged 17-Year-Old Twitter Hacker

Pranksters disrupted judicial hearings on Wednesday for the 17-year-old Florida kid who allegedly hijacked the accounts of prominent Twitter users last month, according to multiple people on the teleconference call. There were several intrusions during the first attempt at the hearing, and it was finally stopped after pornography was streamed via Pornhub. Read More >>

Lockdown Creation Host Shows What Happens When You Get Zoom Bombed by a Demon

Remember found footage horror? As 2020 continues to take its toll on traditional filmmaking, movies like Host aren’t wasting any time on sparking a new wave of DIY creation. It’s about a group of friends who meet up over Zoom for a séance – a fun little distraction during quarantine. Right? WRONG! Read More >>

Video Chat’s Impressive History Makes It Harder to Hate

When you think about it, video chat is a marvel. Yes, I said it: a goddamn marvel. That is, when it works. Read More >>

Useful Tool Lets You Secretly Rickroll Zoom Meetings So You Never Get Invited to Conference Calls Again

Creative technologist Matt Reed continues to make quarantine more bearable for all of us. First he blessed us with a tool that adds an AI-powered duplicate of yourself to Zoom meetings. His newest creation is perhaps even more useful, allowing you to Rickroll your co-workers. There’s a good chance your next Zoom meeting will be the last you’re ever invited to. Read More >>

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In Pure Deadpool Fashion, Watch Ryan Reynolds Ruin an X-Men Reunion

We’ve seen Back to the Future. We’ve seen Ghostbusters. We’ve seen Lord of the Rings. And now, it’s time for the X-Men. Well, kind of. Read More >>

How to Watch Movies and Shows With Other People

Meeting up with friends or heading to the movies isn’t quite as easy as it used to be – and often it’s not even possible. But streaming services are filling in the gaps with a growing number of ways to watch something with other people, even when you’re physically alone. Read More >>

Zoom Finally Caves, Lets Free Users Have End-to-End Encryption

Video chat service Zoom will finally add end-to-end encryption to calls placed by users on the free version of its service, weeks after announcing it would only be available to premium users who shelled out for the privilege. Read More >>

Zoom Promises to Enforce China’s Censorship Better

Zoom will enforce Chinese Communist Party censorship, the company confirmed in an official release yesterday. Earlier this week, after it was alerted by the Chinese government, the company suspended three accounts for hosting Tiananmen Square memorials, including a US-based pro-democracy group that featured mothers of those killed in the protests. The other two were based in the US and Hong Kong. Zoom says a fourth meeting was allowed to proceed because it didn’t include participants from mainland China. Read More >>

Zoom Temporarily Shuts Down Activist Group’s Account After Its Tiananmen Memorial

On 31 May, activists, survivors, and relatives of those who died in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests held a commemorative vigil over Zoom. A week later, on 7 June, Humanitarian China, the pro-democracy group behind the vigil, discovered that Zoom had shut down its account. Read More >>

Zoom Withholds End-to-End Encryption From Users Who Use the Platform’s Free Tier

If you have designs on using Zoom for nefarious purposes, then you'd better be prepared to fork over a tenner for end-to-end encryption which is apparently the only barrier to acquiring the privacy feature. Read More >>

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Government Inexplicably Buys Hundreds of Zoom Accounts Despite Massive Security Issues

If you haven't heard about the myriad of security issues Zoom has been dealing with, then you're probably a UK government official, because the buffoons over there have been buying hundreds of accounts since the pandemic started. Read More >>

Google Duo Courts the PG Crowd With Addition of ‘Family Mode’

On Friday, Google announced it’s rolling out some new features for its video chat app. No, not that one, the other one. No, the other other one. Read More >>

BBC Opens its Image Archives for Your Amazing Retro Webcam Background

A staggering collection of set images from the BBC's vast catalogue has been released by the broadcaster, for no purpose other than letting everyone set a glorious classic TV location as their live-stream background. If their webcam setup is new enough. Read More >>