Monkey Shatters Zoo Glass With Sharpened Stone in Impressive Prison Break Attempt

A video from China is all the proof you need that the hilarious antics of monkeys at the zoo are really just a distracting ruse as they spend their days figuring out the best way to escape. Read More >>

Zoos Accused of Starving Working Birds of Prey

Performing birds that zoom over our heads to impress children and adults are routinely starved of food so they are a little more obedient, it's claimed, with animal rights researchers saying modern bird of prey exhibitions are little more than old school circuses using and abusing their captive creatures. Read More >>

Amateur Lion Keeper Allowed to Keep His Big Cat Pets

A Nottinghamshire man has been told he may continue to operate an extremely small and private big cat zoo of his own creation, with the local council planning team narrowly approving an application to continue to be in charge of his wild beasts. Read More >>

Chimps Use Branch as ‘Ladder’ in Bold Attempt at Escape From Belfast Zoo Enclosure

Some incredibly mischievous chimps put on quite a display for visitors at the Belfast Zoo over the weekend by attempting a big break from their enclosure – a daring effort that was captured on video as one managed to get beyond a wall. Read More >>

Penguin Shortage Forces UK Zoo to Use Models

The posh new penguin enclosure at Telford Exotic Zoo is now open for business, although due to problems in the international supply chain of penguins, it's currently loaded up with fake model birds only. Read More >>

Jaguar Escapes New Orleans Zoo Enclosure, Kills At Least Seven Other Animals Before Capture

A three-year-old male jaguar named Valerio escaped its enclosure at New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo on Saturday and was successfully sedated and captured, but not before it managed to maul and kill several alpacas, an emu, and a fox, CNN reported. Read More >>

Belfast Monkey’s Zoobreak Ends in Tragedy

An unnamed spider monkey that broke out of Belfast Zoo enjoyed the free life for just a few short hours, after the animal – unaware of the modern world outside of captivity –was hit by a car on the M2. Read More >>

Parisian Zoo Recaptures 50 Escaped Baboons

The Vincennes Zoo in Paris was evacuated Friday morning after a group of 50 hostages revolted against their captors. Read More >>

Scottish Zoo Closes Because its Monkeys Are Sad

Dundee's Camperdown wildlife centre is not currently open to welcome your social media content generation field trip, as it's been closed for four days so its monkeys can grieve the death of a member of the pack. Read More >>

Welsh Cat Lovers Warned Against Petting Escaped Lynx

There's an escaped thing in Wales, and it's either tearing through the countryside looking for blood or cowering in a corner behind someone's shed, depending on which side of the lynx debate you sit on. Read More >>

Zoos Are So Afraid of Poachers They’re Starting to Cut the Horns Off Their Rhinos

A Czech zoo has decided to remove the horns of 18 white rhinos after a deadly attack last week at a French zoo where poachers shot a rhino and used a chainsaw to cut off its horns. Welcome to the new normal, where even zoo animals have to be mutilated to protect them from poaching. Read More >>

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Human Wearing Chimp Suit Chased Around Zoo in the Name of Safety

It was only a drill. Staff at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo recently chased an unlucky coworker dressed in a droopy chimpanzee suit during an escaped animal drill. Eventually, the zookeepers shot at the costumed human with a tranquilizer gun, loaded the poor guy into a truck, and hopefully, paid for all the beers at happy hour. Read More >>

Climbers Helped a Zoo Make Sure its Orangutan Habitat is Escape-Proof

The Kansas City Zoo didn’t have the best track record when it came to penning-in its primates—two gorillas got out in 2012 and two chimpanzees ran away in 2014 (I assume they all were brought back?). So when building a new orangutan habitat, the zoo brought in some experts to test the sheer rock walls for climb-ability. Read More >>

This Custom Poop-Chute Dispenses Droppings for Lions to Play With

There's a lion in the San Francisco Zoo that absolutely adores rhino dung: loves smelling it; loves rolling in it. A team of Stanford students found this out during a design-build course, and you know what they did? Those undergrads developed a custom three-pronged poop-chute for the lion lair. Read More >>

Self-Aware Panda Pretends it’s Pregnant to Win Extra Treats

Giant panda Ai Hin is currently at the centre of a no-sex scandal, after zoo workers claimed she pretended to be pregnant to win extra treats. Staff at the Chengdu Breeding Research Centre in China were planning a live broadcast of the birth, although it's now thought the promise of "more buns" when appearing pregnant may be teaching some pandas to pretend they're up the duff. [Telegraph] Read More >>