The First Gaming Phone With RGB Lighting Is So Silly, It’s Awesome

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time, and I’m actually a little surprised it’s only happening now. But with the launch of the Nubia’s Red Magic, there’s finally a gaming phone with built-in RGB lighting. Read More >>

Cyber Defence Watchdog Claims China’s ZTE “Poses Risk to UK Security”

ZTE is a phone company that doesn't have a huge following in this country, mainly because they're not as mainstream as Apple or Samsung, and haven't spent as much on publicity establishing themselves as someone like Huawei. In fact you might only recognise them for that bizarre dual-screen phone that's coming to the UK very soon. If you've ordered one, you might want to think again, because the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) claims the company poses a rick to the UK's national security. Read More >>

This Dual-Screen Smartphone is Weird, Monstrous, and Kinda Cool

Get ready, because rumors are saying that Apple, Samsung, and others have plans to bring actual bendable phones to market within the next few years. But before than can happen, there’s some important prep that needs to get ironed out first. That’s whre the dual-screen ZTE Axon M comes in. Read More >>

Three and ZTE’s Bizarre ‘Unicorn’ Cab Service Whips up a Storm

Knowing full well that when Londoners aren’t complaining about politics or sucking on avocados, they’re a bunch of posing, infantile imbeciles, Three and ZTE decided to team up for a promotional stunt involving horses dressed as colourful unicorns, strapped up to carriages. Read More >>

ZTE Spro Plus Combines Being a Tablet With Being a Projector

One of ZTE's slight less well hinged Mobile World Congress announcements is this, the ZTE Spro Plus. As if the name wasn't worthy of mockery alone, it's also a particularly bizarre hybrid of technology that combines a wall projector with an Android-powered tablet. Read More >>

You’ll be Able to Unlock ZTE’s Next Phone With Your Eye’s Blood Vessels

If you don't fancy unlocking your phone with a password, or a fancy pattern, you can always go ahead and buy a phone with a fingerprint scanner. But what about something else? Something new and interesting that doesn't require a button? ZTE thinks it has the answer with feature it's calling 'Sky Eye'. Read More >>

Fancy a £60 Firefox Phone?

Do we really need another smartphone OS to contend with iOS, Android and Windows Phone? Anyway, for just £60, the ZTE Open Firefox-powered phone might be worth a punt, maybe? Strangely, it's exclusively being sold by ZTE on eBay; that's where phones go to die, right? Read More >>

The New Smartphone War: 7 Apple and Samsung Challengers

You might call it a lack of ambition. Or you could just call it being very pragmatic. At a recent roundtable with reporters in Tokyo, the head of Sony's mobile business professed his desire to be the No. 3 player in smartphones behind Apple and Samsung. BlackBerry's CEO said the same thing heading up to the launch of BlackBerry Z10. Breaking the Sampple duopoly is no easy task, given that IDC says the two companies account for more than 50 per cent of smartphones sold worldwide. Read More >>

Meet the ZTE Open, First Official Firefox OS Phone

There have been a few Firefox OS developer phones floating around but now, Mozilla has announced the first official Firefox OS handset at Mobile World Congress: The ZTE Open. Read More >>

phones 4u
Looks Like a Phones 4u Is Going to Make Its Own Phones Too

Not content with pushing out its own mobile network, it seems Phones 4u wants to make its own phones too. It's apparently partnering with ZTE to make it happen. Would you buy an own-brand Phones 4u handset? Read More >>

The Five Best Phones of CES 2013

Compared to years past, CES 2013 was pretty light on phones. The focus was more on health/fitness gadgets and 4K UHD TVs. But among the few phones at the show, we some good ones. Here are the top five. Read More >>

ZTE Grand S
ZTE Grand S Hands-On: Superphone Doesn’t Seem So Super

We love an underdog story. So when we saw that ZTE—a company which in the UK is not so synonymous with "quality" — was making a spec-monster phone, we were excited. After playing with it for about ten minutes, we're a bit less enthusiastic. Read More >>

ZTE Grand S Makes It Official: Everyone and Their Mother Will Make a Superphone This Year

The name ZTE doesn't mean a ton in the UK. The Chinese company has only had a handful of phones make it to our shores and they've been way on the low end. Now, suddenly, they're going for broke with the Grand S. Read More >>

Intervention: We Need to Talk About the Phablets

Look. We knew that at CES this year, we'd be inundated with a metric tonne of giant phone/tablet monstrosities. We were ready. We braced ourselves, stretched our hands out, and I even practiced my best smiling-through-gritted-teeth face. But I can't handle it any more. Manufacturers are out of control, and it's got to stop, before IT'S TOO LATE! Read More >>

ZTE’s Also Planning a 5-Inch 1080p Phablet Monstrosity

CES is still a few weeks away, but we already know what's going to dominate news there: phablets. Specifically, 5-inch+ Full HD beasts like the one above. Already teased by ZTE, it's apparently called the Grand S and packs a 5-inch 1080p display. Not much else is known yet -- but if for some reason this floats your boat, it's confirmed to debut at CES in 2 week's time. Get stretching your hands. [Engadget via Techradar] Read More >>